Is a bitcoin faucet a profitable website?

Running a Bitcoin faucet can be great fun and can teach you a lot about how to run one. You learn the development, business and marketing aspects of the site, which are all invaluable skills to have. But what you have to keep in mind when dealing with your own faucets is that while there are advertisers, and there are a lot of people that like to visit faucets, that does not make them profitable. If you want to make money off your faucet, especially a lot of it, you will have to go further than just hosting a faucet. You need to come up with other services that it can be tied in with that will help with the money generation. If you can do this, you can make a very successful site and everything can work out well!

A good article about how to run a faucet can be found at

How to set up your bitcoin faucet without any programming skill

A skilled programmer can build a faucet script quite easily, but uf you have little programming knowledge, not to worry, there are several premade scripts for you to use for your faucet. The two main Bitcoin micropayment processor which offer a reliable premade faucet script are:

How to earn money with a bitcoin faucet

There are various methods to monetize a bitcoin faucet. From advertising to affiliate links, or even donations. But all of this should be always paired with innovation and a good promotion of your website.

Regular Banner Advertising

The easiest and fastest way of placing advertising on your website is by using Google Adsense. Just be sure that your faucet will have some real content for the users, such as informations about bitcoins, or a news section. Otherwise you can risk to have your account banned from the Google Adsense program.

Banner Advertising that pays in Bitcoin

Other advertiser will pay you directly in bitcoin, so you will also be able to fund your faucet directly with the bitcoins earned from this type of advertising. Some of the biggest players in this field are:

Test the ones that work best for your website and stick to them, but just don't rely on a single source of income. Also do not plaster your site with as much advertising as humanly possible. Not only is it ugly on the eye, but it makes you look desperate.

Captcha Solving

This advertising is displayed inside your captcha and it is useful as it is non intrusive and also gives your faucet some kind of protection against bots. This advertising source is not too great when it comes to earning money, and should not be relied upon for your funds. The main solutions for this kind of advertising are:

Affiliate/Referral programs

Last but not least, you can earn money from affiliate and referral programs.

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of affiliate programs you can use, but probably one of the most well known is Amazon Associates program. Just be aware that each regional Amazon website has its own independent affiliate program (for example So pay a lot of attention to where your users are mainly coming from.